Dar Ilham is the ideal venue to bring your work-team and your clients with the purpose of organising a seminar or a business meeting.

The relaxed setting encourages curiosity and concentration, opening the way to a renovated and more efficient team work.

We know how to create the ideal conditions to work and revitalise your team. A meeting room is at your disposal and we can suggest you several activities that will make you discover the country otherwise and will create real bonds between each of the participants.
Some examples of activities:

Hot-air balloon, quads trekking, mountain biking, horse-riding, 4×4 circuit, paragliding, ski (December to March), tree-climbing and air trips, trekking, bivouac, dromedary races, Berber races, polo on donkey back, rides on donkey or dromedary, rides on horseback, putting up nomad tents, catapult, bow and arrow, hammam beldi, sports challenge, rug weaving, embroidery and leather workshops, Berber cuisine workshop, evening with folkloric entertainment…

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